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Considering the most significant features of fireplaces can definitely make the determination procedure easier and assure that you will be satisfied with your selected product. There are plenty of various materials used to produce fireplaces ...

Fireplace is the soul of your country house. Fireplace with the real fire.. Sitting in a rocking chair in slippers and listening to classics, looking at the fire, you feel extreme comfort ...

Gas log fireplaces will be a wonderful choice for anybody who wishes to get the original feel and look of a wood burning fireplace and make away with all the annoying problems ...

Electric fireplaces are extremely popular because they use up-to-date technologies and of course have safety options. Such fireplaces can be easely installed and are not difficult to maintain ...

Before purchasing a fireplace mantel, remember to thoroughly meter the fireplace, including the size of the hearth. This will certainly help you to concentrate on the items that will perfectly fit in your fireplace ...

When choosing a fireplace screen, keep in mind the design of your room. Explore the pictures of different products (for example in our picture gallery), and you will discover that the styles of fireplace screens may vary from ...

Fireplace inserts are specially worked out to fit in the existing hearth to enhance heat efficiency and lower polluting output. They can as well radically modify the look of your fireplace and introduce a contemporary element to your room's interior. ...

When you design the furnace you should consider: Appointment of the stove (for heating or even for cooking); material (brick, tile), wall thickness, canal system and ...

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Fireplace types: advantages and disadvantages

By fuel type fireplaces are divided into: wood, electric, gas fireplaces, fireplaces running on alcohol (no chimney), pellet fireplaces (as fuel - pellets pressed). We can also consider decorative fireplaces, which often have only an aesthetic burden, that is, they are not suitable for space heating. Now we specify the details of fireplaces, working on a particular type of fuel.

Electric fireplaces - this is probably one of the most modern and convenient options for fireplace. Electric fireplaces only simulate a real fire, but at the same time, have a number of advantages: they have no difficulties in the installation (simply plugging into an electrical outlet); electric fireplaces do not require such care as a wood-burning fireplaces; do not require the presence of chimneys and gas pipes; if you wish, electric fireplaces can be easily moved to another location; quickly on and off; relatively non-flammable (no open flame); distinguished by the purity of use.
In addition, advanced electronics has given to electric fireplaces such useful features as remote control, temperature control. Due to these factors, electric fireplaces are widely used: in houses, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Gas Fireplaces are fireplaces with the atmospheric gas burner used as a heating element, which is equipped with automatic control system.
For the natural-looking fire they apply the "eternal wood" - artificial ceramic logs, which can be implemented in form of firewood of any species of wood.
Gas fireplaces are much safer and cheaper than wood, in addition, they do not require a chimney. This feature allows to install them in apartments. But we must note that gas fireplaces have a number of significant shortcomings: high cost of installation connecting gas pipes. Since the fuel is gas, you can not leave a fire without careful supervision, inter alia, to establish such a fireplace, you must obtain permission ofspecial gas organizations.

Fireplaces without chimney - this is truly an innovative product that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of "live fire" without any special installation of a chimney, electrical or gas system. These fireplaces are called decorative. They are working on a special environmental alcohol, that does not form harmful impurities when burned, it is completely safe for humans.
Another plus to this fireplace is the fact it quickly flares up - in just a few minutes after ignition. Decorative fireplaces (fireplaces without a chimney) can be easily installed and have an extraordinary design.

Wood Fireplaces. The fuel for these stoves, usually is as a natural wood. Firewood come from different kinds of wood: alder, birch, aspen. The aspen wood is the best because it has beneficial qualities for burning (it is significant that matches are available only from aspen). Aspen firewood burns rather slowly, with almost no soot, forming a beautiful blue flame.
The advantages of wood-burning fireplaces include: a large heat transfer (very fast heating up and the room immediately becomes much hotter) and there are no requirements for the foundation. In addition, wood-burning fireplaces do not require lining.
Like everything in this world, they have some disadvantages: they require constant supervision, often need ash to be removed and chimney to be cleaned out. If the fireplace installed improperly, wood-fire smoke can go into the room. And, finally, wood fireplace can not be established in urban apartment because of a chimney.

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