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Fireplace mantel design

Fireplace mantels are made of a lot of materials. Perhaps, the most popular among all is wood. Such material lets manufacturers make factually infinite multeity of styles and shapes, and it is fairly easy to work with. Some other materials, for example common stones like travertine, granite, cast stone, marble are also a widespread choice for fireplace mantels. A fireplace mantel may embellish the existing ponderous fireplace, and the properly selected fireplace mantel can guarantee your fireplace the visual impact it requires.

To pick out the proper mantel for your fireplace you must consider a few factors, such as the width and height of the firebox, the decor of the lodgement in which the fireplace is located, the environing materials. The size of your indoor fireplace will determine the correct measurements of the mantel.

You also must regard the height to width ratio of your fireplace to choose the right mantel.

Try not to select a large overpowering mantel for a small hearth. A proper fireplace mantel must not suppress the room in which it is installed. Furthermore, it must jump with the rest of the interior's decor.

The greatest place to begin your search for the preferred fireplace mantel is World Wide Web. Online sellers offer a vast variety of fireplace mantels in many materials, proportions and styles at remarkably cost-effective prices.

You can use online search in Bing or Yahoo or Google to find fireplace mantel design and anything else you require. On this page you will find out more about fireplace mantels.

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