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How to build a fireplace surround and mantel

To make fireplace as catching as possible, adding a mantel to the hearth is required. There are different fireplace mantels that you can find in stocks today. These are the important factors you should think about when looking for fireplace mantels.

  • Budget. Search in the internet to compare the cost of mantels.
  • There are two key concepts of mantels that you can choose from, they are traditionary or nowaday mantels.
  • Before picking out a mantel, you must know for sure the proportions of your fireplace. This is the significant factor when selecting the proper mantel.
  • The designs of fireplace mantels. Once you begin selecting, you will probably see that there are varied appearances, shapes, colors, sizes, materials to pick out from that will distract you. Purchase the mantel that will correspond the decor of your dwelling.
  • Mantel materials. In the main, there are three types of material that are ordinarily used in the production of fireplace mantels: wood, marble and stone. The mantel material should jump with your room's other furniture materials.
  • The amount of free space disposable on your room wall will dictate the largest size of the item you can pick.

The greatest place to begin searching for the ideal fireplace mantel is World Wide Web. Online sellers distribute a great assortment of fireplace mantels in a number of materials, workmanships and sizes at amazingly low prices.

You can use online search in Yahoo or Google or Bing to find how to build a fireplace surround and mantel and anything else you need. Learn more about fireplace mantels on this page.

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