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24 single panel fireplace screen

Any rightfully fitted and hi-quality screen can surely help guard your fireplace, therefore try to select a product that will fit your interior design. There are two main kinds of fireplace screens:

  • Spark guard or flat guard style screens have a mere mesh cover that is intalled in front of the fireplace and totally occludes the fireplace opening. These screens provide the highest degree of occupational safety and an unimpeded view of the fire.
  • Fireplace screens with doors fit massively in front of the fireplace for safety. The doors usually have magnetic locks and open with no need to move the entire screen to reach the firebox. This facilitates the replacement of fuel and clearance away the ashes.

Once you have selected the type of screen, you can complete the whole functionality and look of your fireplace by selecting proper wood holders and fireplace tools.

Remember that there are no standard sizes of fireplace openings in the country, thus it's considerable to take the gauge of the existing opening scrupulously to secure a satisfactory fit.

With the right fireplace screen in place, you can sit back and enjoy glory and heat of a crackling fire in your fireplace.

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