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Candle fireplace screen

A fireplace screen must ideally carry out two functions: improving the appearance of your fireplace as well as increasing the occupational safety of the fireplace by preventing sparks from damaging flooring, hurting children and keeping your premises from fire. Fireplace screens can be ordered in a number of different designs and finishes. But take into account that some are designed merely for decorative purposes - not safety.

There are conventional stained glass fireplace screens which look great, especially in a more hereditary ambiance. But do not forget that stained glass is just decorative and not practical. The stained glass is not meant to intercept sparks as it can't resist the great heat that a regular fire will produce.

Common glass fireplace screen will also look good. Such screens are manufactured from a technical high heat glass which can withstand the great heat that a fire will put out. Still, not all glass fireplace screens are that tough. To make certain, it is recomended to check out their specifications and check with the manufacturer.

The customer may choose from steel, wrought iron, pewter, chrome, polished iron, copper and others. The range of today's fireplace screens is only bounded by your budget and fantasy.

With the ideal fireplace screen in place, you can unwind and enjoy heat and glory of a crackling fire in your hearth.

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