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Fairy silhouette fireplace screen

A fireplace screen is made to ideally carry out two features: refining the looks of your fireplace as well as enhancing the safeness of your fireplace by averting sparks from damaging the floor, hurting children and averting your lodging from conflagration. Fireplace screens are available in plenty of styles and trimmings. But take into consideration that some are meant only for looks - not safety.

There are classic fireplace screens made of stained glass which always look good, especially in a more conventional context. Yet do not forget that stained glass is solely for looks and not practical. The stained glass is not produced to retard sparks because it can't withstand the great heat that a typical fire will create.

Normal glass fireplace screen will also look good. Such screens are produced from a technical high heat glass that can sustain the great heat that a fire will put out. But not all glass fireplace screens are that good. To make certain, you should better look at their specifications and check with the manufacturer.

You can select from wrought iron, polished iron, chrome, pewter, copper, steel etc. The range of nowaday fireplace screens is only limited by your budget and imagination.

With the fitting fireplace screen in place, you can relax and enjoy heat and beauty of a crackling fire in your fireplace.

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