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Fireplace screen horse image

A fireplace screen is designed to ideally fulfill two features: increasing the occupational safety of your fireplace by preventing sparks from harming children, damaging flooring and guarding your home from fire and also enriching the appearance of your fireplace. Fireplace screens are available in many different designs and finishes. Still, rememeber that some of them are designed merely for decorative purposes - not safety.

There are classic fireplace screens manufactured from stained glass that perennially look wonderful, especially in a more traditional context. But keep in mind that stained glass is only decorative and not for safety. This material is not meant to restrain sparks as it cannot withstand the great heat that a usual fire will create.

Conventional glass fireplace screen can also look great. They are manufactured from a specific high heat glass which can resist the great heat that a fire will put out. Still, not all glass fireplace screens fall into this category. To make certain, it is recomended to review their specifications and check with the vendor.

The client can pick out from such materials as polished iron, wrought iron, steel, pewter, copper, chrome and others. The selection of current fireplace screens is only provided by your imagination and budget.

With the ideal fireplace screen installed, you can sit back and enjoy glory and heat of a crackling fire in your fireplace.

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