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Fireplace screen renfrew

Any qualitative and correctly set fireplace screen can definitely help preserve your hearth, that's why you should try to purchase a model that will complement your room's decor. There are two primary kinds of fireplace screens:

  • Fireplace screens with doors are mounted densely in front of the fireplace for safeness. The doors usually have magnetic catch and open without removing the entire screen to get to the firebox. This alleviates the replenishment of fuel and clearance away the ashes.
  • Spark guard or flat guard models have a mere mesh cover that is set up before the fireplace and totally encases the fireplace opening. These screens provide the highest degree of occupational safety and an unimpeded view of the fire.

When you have picked out the model, you can complement the whole functionality and look of your fireplace by picking out suited wood holders and tools.

Keep in mind that fireplace openings in the United States do not have standard sizes, thence it's considerable to take the gauge of your opening size scrupulously to get a satisfactory fit.

With the right fireplace screen in place, you can ease off and enjoy heat and glory of a crackling fire in your hearth.

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