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Flat panel fireplace screen

Any rightly mounted and hi-quality fireplace screen will surely help secure your hearth, so concentrate on getting a unit that will match the overall interior design. There are two basic types of fireplace screens:

  • Spark guard or flat guard style screens have a rugged mesh panel that is mounted in front of the fireplace and fully closes the fireplace opening. Such units provide the highest grade of occupational safety and an untrammeled view of the fire.
  • Fireplace screens with doors fit snugly before the fireplace for safeness. The doors generally have magnetic closures and open with no need to move the entire screen to reach the firebox. This facilitates the refill of fuel and cleaning away the ashes.

Once you have selected the fireplace screen, you can accomplish the general functionality and appearance of your hearth by selecting suitable wood holders and tools.

Take into account that fireplace openings in the country do not have standard sizes, thence it's significant to take the gauge of the existing opening scrupulously to get a substantial fit.

With the right fireplace screen installed, you will be able to ease off and enjoy loveliness and warmth of a crackling fire in your hearth.

You can use the Internet to find flat panel fireplace screen and anything else you need. Read more about fireplace screens on this page.

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