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Fireplace plans

If you are ready to pick out a fireplace, the choices can seem overwhelming. In the first place you will have to define the basic purpose of the fireplace: aesthetics, heat efficiency, or both. Ensure that you settle for professional installation. If you are in need of heating the apartment, choose a thermostatically-controlled self-modulated fireplace. This way, the system will automatically turn up and down while adjusting the lodgings to the temperature you require. Define how you want to control your gas fireplace. A range of options include wall switches, thermostats, manual operation, remote controls. If you don't need a gas fireplace, take a look at an electric fireplace. They come in various sizes, styles and trim options. Such units require no venting, thus they can be placed anywhere in the room. Pay attention to the trim options to decide on which trim will best jump with your interior design. Keep out of choosing a fireplace with the aim of warming more than one room. In this instance the main room may appear overheated, forcing you to keep the fireplace off in season and out of season.

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